iCreate Digital Marketing

iCreate is a highly-sophisticated system for creating, managing and analyzing digital campaigns, and for effective communication with sales leads

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1# Create Your Amazing Campaign

It was never easier to build a landing page!
optimized landing pages & mini-sites with our advanced editor.
use the iCreate fully customizable editor to build:
* Landing pages
* Multi-pages mini-sites
* Facebook tabs
* No coding necessary!
* Learn more on our learning center

2# Manage & Engage

CRM and lead management
our CRM enables you to nature leads,
send email and SMS’s, set meeting and more.
we have a call center integrated and all calls
may be recorded in the lead card.
so start communicating by:
* SMS / E-mail / Newsletters.
* Call-center AND call recording.
* Personalization with – onsite, magicBox and predictive analytics.


Consolidate & manage mini-sites / leads
customize your own dashboard to follow your
campaign’s performance on the fly.














About iCreate

We help marketers launch campaigns quickly ​and get better overall control over their cross-channel activity. with our best-practice templates, and integrated outbound messaging platform, you can engage more visitors,​ generate more leads, and get better conversion rates.

Marketing Analytics

Granular analytics to maximize your return on investment (ROI), complete transparency to the most important KPI's, insights become visible to improve campaigns efficiency

Flexable Design

The best in breed design editor with extended variety to meet the most advanced creative needs

Self Service

Beautiful landing pages made easy, we made it easy for anyone to become creative, drag & drop, no coding required, time to market just got much shorter

Ease of use

Creative made simple, friendly design, no special expertise required, super easy to use

Clients Testimonials

What our clients says about us:

  • Yaron Keinan
    Baumann Ber Rivnay – Studio Manager

    What I love about the iCreate platform are their editor’s tools, with which I can build ever more sophisticated landing pages. I don’t need to do any coding – but still get beautifully designed pages – at half the time it used to take.

  • Lena Feldman
    RP IPG – Studio Manager

    With the help of the iCreate system I could set up unique video landing pages that got me faster and better response from prospective clients. If you are looking for the most reliable solution for increased sales and obtaining leads, I truly recommend this user-friendly platform.

  • Oshri Dahan
    Web developer

    The system is very good and gives a significant advantage over others. The work environment is very flexible and convenient, enables maneuvering between campuses and great optimization.

  • Omer Noy

    Working with iCreate is very ease of use and friendly. My team and I create the mini-sites by ourselves, learning from the iCreate reports and optimize our performance all the time.

  • Moran Politzer
    Customer Manager

    HI my name is Moran, I have been working with iCreate for the past few months now. First, the LP that are created by iCreate look awesome. The support team is very patient, professional and respond quickly. Shortly, I highly recommend!

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