Leads & Contacts

All the leads and contacts that received in iCreate's system (both from API's and ICreate's campaigns) inserted first to the 'Leads' section and then transfered to the CRM, while been filtered by Name and Email. for better understanding of what is the right way for you to work with our system - with CRM section or with the Leads section, first you need to understand the difference between the two:

Lead- it's a filled form that the user sends and every record at the lead section represent a new form.
Contact- it's a record that represent a real person, every record can hold couple of leads forms from different campaigns that were filled by the same person.
Example: Jack filled a form at A campaign, on another day he filled a form on B campaign, both campaign belong to the same advertise, at the 'Leads' section he will have 2 records, one for each form, on the 'Contact' section he will have
1 record that hold both of the forms.
Advise: if you working online - the 'Leads' section will be preferable, and if you working offline (cold data) the 'Contact' section is preferable.

Note: the transformation of a lead from 'Leads' to the 'Contacts' take couple of minutes.