On-site Pixel

what is On-site pixel?

On-site pixel, will help you to implement your campaign in other web-sites as a pop-up.

What is it for?

On-site pixel can help you get more traffic to the customer web-site.

after heading out from the pop-up of the campaign, the user will stay at the web-site and will get exposed to other products on customer web-site.

in the future we'll be able to collect more data on user behaviour and to portray users by segments.

Step 1: Installation

implement the code that we provided at the end of the 'Body' section of the web-site you want the campaign to appear in.

after completing this step, send us the URL of the web-site you implement the code in.


Step 2: Open a new campaign

Go to iCreate's dashboard and open a new campaign, then send to us the 'campaign ID'


here's a few settings options you can change:

  1. Size of the pop-up window.
  2. When the pop-up window appears :
    • on mouse exit browser - you can define the length from the window exit button, that you want to pop-up to appear, and if it will appear more then once after user close it.
    • by clicking on an object at the web-site.
    • after certain time from page load.
  3. you can send us a specific close button (x)