Perfect landing pages & mini-sites

Mobile-ready landing pages, Facebook tabs and mini-sites
that you can
publish to any domain.
editor gives you complete control over the smallest details of your campaigns.
Drag & Drop elements from the largest most diverse variety on the market. You can customize every element of your landing page, include as many features as you like, even a video background on mobile.
Get your pages up and running in just a few minutes.
No coding required!
Our data management capabilities let you laser-in on campaign’s performance metrics and make adjustments on the fly.


CRM and lead management

Our CRM enables you to nurture leads, send blast emails and SMS's, set meetings and more. We have a call center integrated and all calls may be recorded in the lead card   


Consolidate & manage sales \ leads

Customize your own dashboard to follow your campaigns’ performance.

Reports display performance and conversion rate of each media source, banner, link.
The ROI reports
show you metrics and efficiency in real time indicating decisive changes to content and budget allocation - while the campaign is still on.

Whatever action your visitors take (installations, registrations, appointments), whatever the lead status is,
all reports’ details integrate with external CRMs and marketing/advertising you use. 
You will get
a clearly visualized, unified database.

All data is archived so you can easily search and retrieve details. Now that you have total control over your marketing performance, you can make better decisions.

Integrated Email & SMS Marketing to grow your audience

Send email / SMS blasts directly from our performance CRM. We guarantee competitive Email Deliverability rates. We can also offer Call Center services with all calls recorded & analyzed. You can control telephone representative’s work in real-time. Use our powerful email marketing platform to create helpful surveys and forms and foster better relationships with your site visitors.

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Guy Hezi, CCO


“What I love about the iCreate platform are their editor’s tools, with which I can build ever more sophisticated landing pages. I don’t need to do any coding - but still get beautifully designed pages - at half the time it used to take.”

“With the help of the iCreate system I was able to set up unique video landing pages that got me faster and better response from prospective clients. If you are looking for the most reliable solution for increased sales and obtaining leads, I truly recommend this user-friendly platform.  

About iCreate

We help marketers launch campaings quickly
​and get better overall control over their cross-channel activity. With our best-practice templates, and integrated outbound messaging platform, you can engage more visitors,
​generate more leads, and get better conversion rates.


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Engage Via Magic boxes

Personalize with Custom Content

Dynamic offers according to visitor profile and searches - reach visitors with the right words and images. Our editor gives you endless control over your campaign visibility. You can also insert and save in your account library custom code elements - for future use. Powerful software and smart database let you customize content and engage according to user profiles. Search history, interests, behavioral patterns, demographics - all synced for every specific visit. The platform calculates and anticipates what your visitors want to see on their screen right now. This is how you get quality leads.

Alex Molver, 

Senior ​ Developer

Liron Motei, 

Senior Developer

Ronen Bar, CEO

Talia Brandes, CMO

Assaf Cohen, CTO


Lena Feldman,

RP IPG - Studio Manager

Yaron keinan

Baumann Ber Rivnay - Studio Manager

Created by iCreate editor

Created by iCreate editor

iCreate is a highly-sophisticated system for
creating, managing, analyzing digital campaigns and communicate with leads. our specialization is performance marketing. every module synchronized and the connection between them makes
iCreate one of the most advanced holistic system in the world.
With iCreate you can do everything from building your landing page to contact your leads.